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Emotional Freedom Training UK

November 2010 News From Emotional Freedom Training UK

November 2010 News From Emotional Freedom Training UK

Kim writes: I hope this email finds you happy and well. I’ve just had a very interesting weekend at the EFT and Energy Psychology Conference in Gatwick. There are so many new and exciting ways to heal your emotions (including day to day stuff not just the big emotions we have), limiting beliefs, phobia’s, (Gillian McKeith please take note!!), trauma, stress …. the list is endless.

One of the new concepts is Dr. Silvia Hartmann’s Events Psychology which I am pleased to say I am now a Practitioner in having received a wonderful training from Silvia herself the day after the conference. Events Psychology is ground breaking because it gets you to look at the Events in your life, the moments that could flash before your eyes if you was close to death, and heal them rather than constantly trying to heal the fall out as a result of these events.

Surprisingly even wonderful and fabulous moments, called Guiding Stars, can sit in your energy system and affect your behaviour for years to come.

Silvia told a very funny story of a chap who had a Guiding Star event with a garden gnome at the age of 5. Consequently he is now in his 60’s, has thousands of gnomes, sleeps in a gnomes bed, dresses like a gnome and can’t understand why his relationships have all failed. Here’s another guiding star I noticed on the X-Factor:- Wagnor (the delightful Brazilian Singer!), has a picture that they show of him very much younger, bronzed, muscular and holding the tail of a huge lion. This is clearly a guiding star event as here he is, many years later, with hair that looks like a mane, wearing a gold sequin suit and singing The Circle of Life from the Lion King!!! Do you see how this works now! So don’t just think it’s the trauma that affects your life, these guiding stars are working in strange ways.

If you are interested in reading the full report about the conference and the amazing new techniques showcased please go to:

Recently I was delighted to be asked to do a telephone interview about my thoughts on EmoTrance by Patricia DancingElk. A gorgeous name I hope you agree and a genuine descendant of Native American Indians. Patricia is an Advanced Practitioner and Trainer in America and has interviewed a few trainers about what they are doing with EmoTrance. You can listen to my interview plus a few others here:


The next EmoTrance training event is this weekend, 27th and 28th November in London. Please email me ASAP if you wish to join this group. I am very excited as I have a delegate flying in from Spain and another from Hungary. EmoTrance is really taking off in many countries world wide and it is fast becoming the simplest yet most powerful approach to modern day healing. It has been designed with 21st century living in mind.

Only this week I had a client come to me still coping with the fall out of a stress breakdown that happened a year ago. At that time she thought she was having a heart attack and was taken to hospital where her symptoms of palpitations, clenched stomach and pounding headaches were diagnosed as stress. Sadly at that time she had no means to heal it despite having a diagnosis. Now, however, we can reflect on that pressure cooker of energy in her body and begin its release. The first session has gone so well that the residual pain in her neck and shoulders already has reduced from an 8 out of 10 to a 3. Her anxiety over the whole situation was a 10 and we left it at a 4 for the first session. Great progress in just 1.5 hours but also now she has a tool to use on herself until we meet again. Very self empowering.

I do hope you can join me this weekend, please let me know as soon as you can. In the meantime is it too early to wish you a Happy Christmas? Well the shops have decorations up so I think not.

Have a great Christmas and New Year. I will be back in January with more news. Scroll down for future training dates and details of December’s monthly healing and development group.

Love and best wishes
Kim Bradley
01865 891 743
07970 584 581
To book courses: www.emotionalfreedom-training.co.uk/courses.html


You can have a 1-1 treatment currently offered from two locations:

The Barn, Kingston Lane, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB8 3PN


Berrick Lodge Healing Centre, Berrick Salome, Wallingford, Oxon OX10 6JN

At both centres you can receive Holistic Treatments for your mind, body and spirit

o EmoTrance Adv Practitioner and Trainer
o EFT Practitioner
o Events Psychology Practitioner
o Inner Awareness Massage
o Indian Head Champissage (seated massage)
o Reiki Healing

BUT please don’t let distance put you off. EmoTrance can be just as effective on Skype (with or without webcam) or over the telephone. I have treated many international clients this way so please do contact me if I can be of service to you.
My new contact details are:
Kim Bradley
01865 891 743 or 07970 584 851

You can attend a live Training Event and really benefit from a full day of practice
LA Fitness, Rowdell Road, Northolt UB5 6AG:
27th November 2010: LEVEL 1 - Self Help Workshop, 10am to 5pm. £95.00
28th November: LEVEL 2 - Practitioner of EmoTrance, 10am to 5pm £180.00 (pre-requisite Self Help Workshop)
Please contact me now to arrange your booking.
Future Dates:
29th/30th January 2011: Advanced Practitioner of EmoTrance
10th February 2011: Self Help Workshop
11th February 2011: Practitioner of EmoTrance
12th/13th February 2011 Love and Relationships Course (extension EmoTrance course)
30th April/1st May 9th Annual EmoTrance Conference
A Deposit of £25.00 is due now to reserve your place.

After some EmoTrance experience you can attend the Monthly Healing and Self Development Group
This group really has grown from strength to strength with change and transformation happening every month. The pre-requisite is to have some EmoTrance experience, even through a 1-1 basis. The group develops your skills at using Energy Psychology to assist you in healing your emotional states, past, present and future.

November Healing and Self Development Group

Social chat time with a drink and snacks: 7.00pm – 7.30pm
EmoTrance Healing Group, Wednesday 8th December - 7.30pm to 9.30pm.

Venue: LA Fitness Gym, Rowdell Road, Northolt, Middlesex UB5 6AG. (walking distance from Northolt tube on the central line) - £10

This month’s subject is: EmoTrance with Angels (Getting a bit of Christmas Spirit flowing)

In this month’s session I will be explaining how EmoTrance can work with Angels via the medium of Angel Cards. We will be finding an area of our life that needs some transformation and picking an angel card to assist the healing. External energy can easily be used in EmoTrance to bring about change, whether it be from nature, colours, crystals, the Universe, Reiki, Angels, Animals, Other People and so on. Using the principle of “Even Flow” we will see if we can Bring In some Angelic support.
Please email “count me in” if you can make this transformational session.

Future Dates
2nd Wednesday of every month
12th January – Energising your New Year’s Resolutions
9th February – Increasing your flow of Love
9th March
01865 891 743
07970 584 851

Posted Nov 29, 2010